Combined Heat & Power

Improve Energy Efficiency and Save

RE-Gen’s natural gas/propane/biogas driver CHP solutions deliver the cleanest, most efficient, fully automated CHP technology on the market today.

Cogeneration Opportunities

CHP/Cogen is the concurrent production of electricity or mechanical power and useful thermal energy (heating and/or cooling) from a single source of energy. By year 2030, the United States Department of Energy hopes to have CHP constitute 20% of generation capacity.

→ Heating, cooling, dehumidification, electric generation
→ Water or steam outputs
→ Retrofit and New Construction
→ Centralized/decentralized plants
→ Compact/modular/portable
→ Inside/outside
→ Expandable/exchangeable
→ Financing and Incentives available

Cogeneration Features and Benefits

→ Allows for on-site energy production
→ Uses less fuel to produce same energy
→ Displaces fossil fuels
→ Uses waste heat for thermal and cooling
→ Displaces grid generated electricity
→ Save up to 50% on energy costs
→ Produces 50% or more of your electricity
→ Clean with efficiencies > 88%
→ Seamless connection to existing system
→ Interconnects easily to grid


RE-Gen's gas cogeneration solutions use less fuel to produce the same energy, in clean, highly efficient, and fully automated technology.

Combined Heat and Power systems, supplied by RE-Gen, generate electricity which is fed into your energy plant, reducing your facility’s grid supplied electric consumption and costs. The cogeneration unit, at the same time, captures recovered heat/energy from the system. This recovered heat is then used to offset fuel that is used to supply your thermal energy (heat, water, chilling, process) thereby reducing your fuel consumption and costs.

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