Gas Heat Pumps/GHP

Gas Heat Pumps (GHP)

Gas heat pumps are a high efficiency heating/cooling solution due to utilization of waste heat from the engine and exhaust gases. They are ideal for facilities that consume heat and cold simultaneously, with higher cold consumption in summer months and heat in winter. Recommended applications include: food industry plants, office buildings, hotels, recreation facilities, YMCAs, winter stadiums, schools, hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Gas Heat Pumps - Features and Benefits

Re-Gen’s GHP technology is provided by industry leaders Robur, Yanmar, Tedom, Techogen, and TTCogen.

→ Allows for on-site energy production
→ Saves energy with low electrical consumption
→ Reduces electrical load on buildings
→ Up to 70% less expensive than electric heat pumps
→ Operate at low sound levels
→ Save up to 20% on water
→ Uses natural gas, a clean fuel with low emissions


Gas heat pump units are compact devices that offer operators high efficiency, cost-effective variable cooling and heating capacity depending on operating conditions and energy requirements.

GHP systems use as gas powered engine to drive the pump. They transfer heat energy between an indoor unit and an outdoor unit using built in heat exchangers so no other heat source or heat sink construction is required. Since reclaimed heat can be used for additional heating they are extremely effective in heating mode, especially with low outdoor air temperatures. They have a small footprint and quiet operation, making them ideal for a variety of applications.

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