Turn-Key Energy Solutions

Clean, Efficient, Safe Solutions for your Energy Future

RE-Gen understands that each client solution is unique. RE-Gen delivers turn-key solutions into new and existing operations. With this focus on turn-key development of energy projects, RE-Gen’s energy solutions continually reduce fossil fuel and grid electric consumption, provide immediate and attractive return on investment, appeal to environmental stewardship responsibilities and add to our clients’ competitive market positions by offsetting escalating energy costs.

Turn-Key Energy Solutions

→ Energy Review and Analysis at No Cost Or Obligation
→ Feasibility Study
→ Equipment Selection & Financing
→ Project Planning and Development
→Installation and Ongoing Service and Support

Markets Served

RE-Gen offers a variety of client driven solutions including two primary options for clients: “Client Owned and Operated Plants” and “Independently Owned and Operated Plants” in which Energy Supply Contracts are provided. RE-Gen's solutions provide heat, cooling and electric energy, across a wide range of industries:

→ Commercial, Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities
→ Hospitals and Medical Facilities
→ Schools, Colleges and Universities
→ Recreation Facilities
→ Residential Complexes
→ Agricultural Applications
→ Business/Office and Industrial Parks
→ Retail/Mall/Big Box Complexes
→ Aquaculture Facilities
→ Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Facilities
→ Hotels